Is This the Most Expensive Music Production Course in the World?

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I bet many of you would love to study music production at a kick-ass music school.

Your classes take place in high-end studios instead of musty classrooms.

Sounds swanky don’t it?

Too bad it’s not always worth the trouble. You can learn most of the stuff they teach you at home.

I’ve actually crunched the numbers and it comes down to this:

You can learn all the techniques you’d learn at audio school for only a fraction of the cost. Literally, you would save over 90% of your money by learning this stuff at home. I went to the SAE Institute in Madrid and it was great. Don’t get me wrong. But an efficient use of my time and money?

Not even close.

At all.

It’s About Opportunity Cost

Let’s do a quick comparison. SAE Institute was about $10,000 for the year, and it was one of the cheaper campuses. Some of the issues I had were:

  • I had to relocate.
  • Move abroad.
  • Learn a new language.
  • Make new friends.
  • Dive into debt

Ugh. Lots of work for access to a nice studio. And it’s not like you can remember every lesson and every trick. A lot of stuff you learn in a classroom you definitely forget.

It’s not like I could videotape every lesson.

And let’s not forget that many of the lessons weren’t even worth going to, let alone video-recording. The opportunity cost of going to school like I did is staggering. I loved the adventure, but I realize it’s not worth the effort for everyone.

How About Something Simpler?

A simpler solution is in order. One that doesn’t even require you to leave the room.

Enter Joe Gilder’s Production Club. 19 videos that you can download and keep forever. No need to memorize complex techniques. If you forget something you can just refer back to one of the videos.

And these videos are actually worth watching, not like some of those classes I had to sit through…

The Production Club costs $497. Sounds steep, but compare that to the $10,000 I paid. It’s literally an easier education than I ever had at only 5% of the cost.

I’m actually getting annoyed even thinking about it.

But it gets even better.

Coming back to my calculations, that’s only about 5% of the cost of going to an audio school. And you don’t even have to leave your room.

To Make This Music Production Course Even Cheaper:

If you grab the Production Club through my link( I’ll throw in the Recording and Mixing Strategies Plus bundle for absolutely free.

  • Recording Strategies ($29)
  • Mixing Strategies ($27)
  • Live Sound Survival ($17)
  • Ultimate EQ Guide ($17)

That’s a $90 value right there for free!

How’s that for a little extra? Now there’s no way you can’t get something absolutely packed with information on how to take your music production to the next level.

Talking about making your productions better, here’s what one of my dear, loyal reader was kind enough to email me tonight. I just had to share it with you because it warmed my heart. Sorry James!

I just wanted to tell you thanks for all the great info you have given me both with your articles and your book. My work is now fun, rather then the hair pulling fiasco it used to be. I also sound much more professional to the people coming to me for their recording needs.

Thanks James!

If you want both the Production Club and the Strategies bundle, just click the link below:

Then just email me your receipt at bjorgvin[at] and I’ll send you a free copy of the Strategies Bundle.

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  • I definitely agree here, I went to university to study Popular Music Production. While the experience of going to university was great and I got the experience to try out some great gear, in terms of learning recording techniques, most of what I know now after doing this for five years has been from reading countless online articles, watching videos, buying books and internships.

    One benefit of “studying” recording is that you have to do recording assignments and get experience recording a variety of music, which you probably wouldn’t get to do otherwise. My sessions are so few and far between even though I have all the gear I need. But now, I’m paying back student debt for three years of recording education that I could’ve learned at home for free.

    • Björgvin Benediktsson

      Yep. True story Martin. I definitely hear you!