How to Achieve Economies of Scale in Your Music Production


Let me get a little deep for a second. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Economies of scale is an economics term that pops up in all aspects of business.

Wikipedia defines it as:

Cost advantages that an enterprise obtains due to expansion.

With efficiency your costs go down while you can still charge the same price. Simply put, if you produce a lot and sell a lot(think Apple) you get the parts at a lower bulk cost so you can earn higher profit.

Economies of Music Production

Now, redefined for your home recording studio, it’s the best way to do something. Economies of scale in the studio are your workflow advantages you get due to increased skill and efficiency.

This can be done the hard way as you get flooded with work. You remember this from school; you have ample time to do three essays and study for 4 tests but then you decide to do it all the morning before they’re due.

Sound familiar?

The fact is, when you have a lot of work, you usually figure out the most efficient way to do things.

But you shouldn’t have to get stressed out with work to create a good workflow. You can already plan things out as efficiently as possible, even if you don’t have a deadline. Just create a blueprint of the best ways to approach your music production.

Possible Time Savers

It’s easier to become effective at recording by using good starting points, standard techniques and things that have worked for you in the past. If you have time to experiment that’s fine, but usually it’s better to stick with good practices.

With mixing it’s all about setting up your session. Do you have a specific chain of plug-ins on your vocal? Save it to your DAW so you can recall it. For instance, I have Ian’s multiband compression preset saved for my mastering session so I can just start from there. You can do similar things to any part of your mixing process.

Ask yourself this:

These are just some of the ways to achieve economies of scale in your music production.

How efficient is your workflow?


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Image by: urbaneye