Interview With Producer/Engineer Dusty Wakeman of Mad Dog Studios and Mojave Audio


Image by Scott Dudelson

We’re back this week with another Potluck Audio Conference interview, this time with Dusty Wakeman of Mojave Audio and Mad Dog Studios.

“In his forty years in the music business, Dusty Wakeman has worn a lot of hats: producer, engineer, musician, and owner/manager of Los Angeles based Mad Dog Studios.

His work with Dwight Yoakam, Lucinda Williams, Roy Orbison, Jim Lauderdale, Buck Owens, and many other artists has helped generate several multi-platinum and Grammy-winning records. Growing up in Texas, Dusty developed a love of the whole process of making music, from touring in groups to producing and engineering records and designing his own studios.

In 1980 he founded Mad Dog Studios, which he owned and operated for 28 years. Dusty discovered Royer mics in 2000, caught ribbon fever, and picked up a number of Royers for Mad Dog Studios, leading to a close relationship with Royer Labs. Looking for a ‘lifestyle change’ after 25 years of constant engineering, producing records and touring, Dusty came across the prototype for the MA-200.

His enthusiasm for the new brand led to Dusty joining Mojave Audio in September of 2005. His in-depth knowledge of recording, understanding of the importance of choosing the right microphone for the job, and ability to share his experience make Dusty an invaluable asset to Mojave Audio. Dusty serves as President of Mojave Audio and continues to record, mix and perform.”

Check out the short but sweet interview below to hear some of Dusty’s thoughts on:

  • How you can reverse transition from a big commercial studio to a smaller home recording studio.
  • The difference in a musician’s performance from a big studio to a crammed living room setting.
  • The causation between musician and recording engineer.
  • Important things to think about if you want to record your band.