Your Music Production Questions Answered

Audio Production Questions

I’ve got a fair amount of questions about music production from readers lately.

I haven’t been able to answer them all so I took the liberty of compiling some of them into one short post. I get a lot of the same questions sometimes so hopefully this will help you, even if you haven’t asked me a question.

And remember, if you have a question you would like me to answer, just hit reply and ask. I can’t promise I’ll reply immediately, but I will get to it sooner or later.

Ok, here goes:

“How do you make audio sound from left ear to the right?”

This guy seems to be doing some sort of foley work, making footsteps go from the left of the screen to the right. The answer is easy: automate your pans so that your audio starts hard left and then gradually moves to hard right.

“Where is the beater sound of the kick drum”

Depends on the kick drum and genre, but I would search between 2 – 4 kHz. Basic rock drums need a broad boost in the 2.5 kHz range, whereas metal click-type sounds need a narrow boost in the 4 kHz range.

“How do I get rid of mud in vocals?”

I’ve talked about this extensively before, but muddiness can be found from 150 – 250 Hz or so. Cutting in that area usually clears out a lot of the low-mid problems.

“My vocals always seem to sound very mundane and flat.”

It’s all about the performance, first and foremost. If you think you’ve nailed a great performance, try applying some reverb and/or delay as well as bring out the presence in the 5 kHz range. That might bring out the character you need.

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  • Gilles Tinguely

    I wonder quite a long time how the pros get the voice of another song to remix it ? Do they ask to the original producer for the samples (but if they do, what about the deceased ones) ? Do they extract in a special way or whatever… I don’t know … How ??