The 6 Sexiest Guest Posts You’ll Ever Read About Audio

guest post writing

I post guest posts from time to time.

I like getting a different perspective on audio and I love sharing it with you.

Some of my favorite guest posts lately have been about very diverse subjects from all aspects of audio production.

Here are some of my favorites:

All these posts are great pieces from very great people about very different things.

I only know so many things about audio so I welcome every guest post from good writers. They help to give the site a more diverse subject matter, not just me rambling on about random stuff that happens to me.

You know, real practical knowledge from other people can be so helpful.

So take a read through the posts above and give them a few comments. And if you’re interested in writing a post for Audio Issues, check out the guest post guidelines here.

Have a great week.


Image by: jpacres