Tony Stark Does a Lot of Different Mixes

iron man

I saw Iron Man 3 yesterday.

It was awesome. Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark is possibly the best movie interpretation of a comic book character that’s ever been on the big screen.

In this one they really go all out with the special effects. I watched all the credits to see if there was a hidden scene at the end and I thought the Special Effects Team credits would never end.

It just kept on scrolling and scrolling down.

And yes, if you wanted to know, there is a hidden scene at the end.

In this movie Tony Stark really tinkers with his Iron Man suits. I’m not spoiling anything because it’s all in the trailers but there are some very interesting versions of  his suit running around in this movie.

Making Different Mixes

And that got me thinking about all the different versions of a mix you can do. I’m not just talking about the typical vocal up, drums down types of versions.

No, I’m talking about completely different versions of the same mix. As I said in Wednesday’s post, I’ll be re-recording some vocals in the following week so I’ll also be remixing my whole EP again.

And I’m pretty sure those mixes will turn out drastically different from the mixes that I had before. You see, mixing isn’t just about the skills you have but it’s also about the mood you’re in.

Maybe you like a darker reverb some days. Maybe you don’t need the guitars to be as loud and aggressive on others. It’s just as much about temperament as it is about the mixing tricks you use.

Mixing the same songs a year or so apart will create two different versions. Not just because you picked up a few new tricks along the way, but because you’re kind of a different person now than you were before.

Tony Stark’s Iron Man started off as a hulkish brute to escape his captives in the first movie. His new and improved suits in Iron Man 3 just show the different tastes and tinkerings he’s done to his inventions over the years. He’s learned new ways of engineering his suits, but he’s also had new experiences to motivate him to create different versions.

Learn from the Dueling Mixers

If you’re having trouble with creating different versions of your songs, I recommend checking out Dueling Mixes. Every month two different mixing engineers duke it out over one song with two drastically different results.

Best of all, you get to vote for the best mix AND learn all the secrets they used in their mixes.

Become your own personal Tony Stark right here:

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  • Super post, love the Iron Man suit analogy.

    I’ve definitely noticed big differences in my mixes depending on where I start. I was always taught to start from the bottom up (kick, snare, etc), but I’ve moved away from that and now prefer starting with whatever’s used as the main hook or phrase – the final mix usually ends up breathing a bit easier.

    And I find doing the opposite to what you “should” do is a fun tactic – trying some extreme settings to create some interest.