Recording Guitars and Producing Vocals With Engineer/Producer/Musician Pete Weiss


In this Audio Issues interview we hear from Pete Weiss.

Pete Weiss is a New England-based producer/engineer/mixer/musician. Through his innovative, organic work with artists such as Kingsley Flood, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Two Dollar Pistols, Charlie Chesterman, Bow Thayer & Levon Helm, and Don Lennon, Weiss has developed a reputation as an outstanding producer who can adapt to many musical genres and is unafraid to ignore stylistic convention. He is a Senior Contributor for Tape Op Magazine, writing reviews of audio equipment as well as conducting interviews with recording industry figures. Over the years he has served on many panels & workshops at Tape Op’s and Potluck Audio‘s conferences. Some of his microphone reviews from Tape Op are archived at the Recording Hacks site.

During the interview we discuss, among other things:

  • How he got into recording and production.
  • How vocal production sometimes just comes down to the mood and atmosphere.
  • Simple electric guitar miking
  • Dealing with the wall of sound from a 12 string electric guitar

Hit the player to take a listen to the interview.