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11 Easy Ideas to Make Money from Your Music Studio

As we decide to forget the last year and look hopefully towards 2021, let me ask you:

Where do you want your music studio to be in 12 months?

  • How much music are you releasing?
  • How many clients will you have?
  • How much extra money are you making from your music-making activities?

And this last question is important because if you have audio and music skills, you are sitting on a goldmine that you might not know about.

The list of potentially lucrative income opportunities for you in the new year is incredible because your DAW is literally a money-making machine.

Here are 11 gig ideas people pay good money for that you can do from the comfort of your own home:

  1. Podcast editing
  2. Vocal tuning
  3. Drum replacement
  4. Recording custom-made beats and arrangements
  5. Sound design and foley work for TV and film
  6. Teaching musical instruments or audio production
  7. Mixing music
  8. Mastering albums
  9. Writing music for sync licensing or jingles for commercials
  10. Audio cleanup for all sorts of industries (just the legal field alone could create a six-figure income if you had enough cases)
  11. Creating sample and loop packs

I could go on for longer, but you get the point: There’s never been a better time to succeed with your studio than now.

And I’d argue that it’s even more important than ever to start that second income stream now because of COVID.

If your income dried up last year because of the gig economy, now is the time to make your production skills pandemic-proof.

Everybody is used to people working from home, so capitalizing on your studio to create a better life for yourself has never been easier.

You might be worried that you’re not talented enough and don’t know why anyone would hire you.

First of all, you can stop that thinking right now because success doesn’t come if you keep self-sabotaging your thoughts.

But you might be struggling to know where to start…

Or you don’t know how to draw clients into your studio, especially online.

And even if you had clients that were interested, how do you know what to charge?

These are the topics I’ll be talking about in the next week so I’m excited to share my stories on how you can make your music studio a successful money-making machine in the next 12 months.

And tomorrow I’ll share the 5 simple questions I ask myself every week to keep my momentum going with my own music studio.

These are the same questions we answer inside my exclusive invite-only mastermind group, and they are the same questions I learned in my six-figure CEO business coaching group.

If you want to skyrocket the success of your music studio in the next 12 months, these questions will guide you every step of the way.

What are they?

Check the blog tomorrow and find out.

I hope you have a great rest of your Saturday!

Happy New Year!


Free eBook: Get Better Mixes in Less Time When You Buy the Best-Selling Book Step By Step Mixing for Only $7!
Where Should We Send Your Free eBook?

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