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Who Else Wants to Earn $1,000 Every Month On the Side From Their Home Studio?

Yesterday I gave you an invaluable tool for finding the right rate to charge for your projects.

If you haven’t checked it out already, head on over here and download the Recording Session Calculator.

However, pricing yourself is only a small part of the struggle. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you want to charge if you can’t find any clients to begin with.

Even worse, you might not even think that you’re good enough to charge for your services.

If that’s you, I want to be the first person to say that you are absolutely wrong!

If you’re still starting out, you might not be able to charge top-dollar, but you should charge something, even if it’s just a free lunch or a trade of some sort.

In fact, one of my friends took a drum-kit in exchange for a session once. The musician session to his experience as an engineer.

He now charges a decent rate for his sessions, in addition to being an in-demand live sound engineer.

Although that is a pretty sweet win-win situation, you should still strive to make real cash off your skills as an engineer.

If you want to start charging for your services and start earning $500-$1000 per month on the side as an audio engineer, then you’ll love this free training from Graham Cochrane over at The Recording Revolution

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Here’s what you’ll learn during the training:

  • The single biggest and easiest opportunity to generate an income working in music.
  • A 3-Step action plan to start generating an income as a recording or mixing engineer.
  • The exact email message you should send to bands and musicians to get your first clients through the door.

So if you want to join the other audio engineers that are making good money out of their home studios every day, head on over here and register for his free training.



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