Transform Your Rough Recordings Into Released Records, Even If You Only Have a Home Studio

Are You Overlooking These Two Crucial Skills for a Successful Home Studio?

If you’re reading this chances are you want to make the most out of your home studio. You might already pretty darn good at recording and mixing but you’re having a hard time finding people to work with. You can only record so many of your own singles before you get sick of your singing voice so it’s time to find fresh new musicians to produce.

And with your current skill set, you’re confident you can make some pretty bad-ass records.

But your audio skills only get you so far. You could be the best at recording music but if you don’t develop these two important skills I’m about to tell you I guarantee that you’ll go nowhere.

What are they you ask?

  • Social skills
  • Networking skills

Now, you might think those are the same skill but I look at them differently.

Social skills involve being comfortable in social situations. It means being outgoing and able to uphold a conversation with other people. You might not make new friends but at least you’re comfortable at a party.

You can be extremely introverted while still being comfortable in a social situation.

Networking skills however, is where the introvert fails spectacularly.

Networking takes most people, extroverts included, straight out of their comfort zone. Ugh, so annoying to have to meet new people all the time right?


It is one of the MOST important thing you can do for your career. If you lock yourself in an empty room and work on music all the time without getting to know your community then you will never get the same opportunities as the people outside the room.

Networking is a skill. It’s not something you can wave off and say “I’m just not built that way.”

You’re wrong and here’s why:

I want to make an educated guess that you already have (at least) one friend.

That person likes you enough to want to hang out with you regularly. However, let’s assume you want more than one friend…

It’s very easy to make more of them if you just leave the goddamn room once in a while!

Here’s what happens when you go out and network:

  • You make new connections that can become business relationships
  • You meet people that might need your services
  • You understand how other people know each other and who the movers and shakers in your scene are
  • You realize how your specialties can be used in other industries

Let’s stop by the last one for a second so I can explain. Say you’re a musician that records his own songs. One day you decide to get out of your comfort zone and go with another friend to a happy hour with other young professionals.  At the happy hour you meet a person who’s working on a short film that still needs music. Luckily, you just so happen to have a lot of cool background music and jingles that work perfectly for his movie. You exchange contact information and you start a business relationship.

All because you left the house!

Now, that might not apply to you completely. You might not make that kind of music and you might not meet someone that immediately needs your services.

But the key is to get to know other people because you never know who they know.

That’s the wonderful thing about networking. Sooner or later somebody will remember meeting you and introduce you to their friends that will hire you.

So if you’re introvertically inclined (I made that phrase up but you know what it means) then make a plan to go to at least one networking event or meet one new person per month. It doesn’t have to be a full time job and you can ease into it.

But please please please do me a favor and get yourself out there.

You’ll thank me later.

Now that I’ve gotten you out of your comfort zone I want to get you excited about making more money from your home studio. Social and networking skills are only a part of the struggle of running a successful business.

If you want an even more comprehensive blueprint of how to run your home studio business successfully, I can help you with my one-on-one coaching. Whether you need audio production or entrepreneurship help, I’ve been doing both successfully for the last decade.

Check out the details here to get in-depth explanations and concrete advice on how to make your home studio successful

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Transform Your Rough Recordings Into Released Records, Even If You Only Have a Home Studio

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