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What Does a Professional Producer Really Do?

Tim Ferriss asked Rick Rubin, one of the most successful producers in the world, a question some people might wonder about.

What does a producer really do?

He said he didn’t know, and that he could only tell Tim what he did and what’s worked for him.

I can relate to that because I don’t know the first thing about being a producer. I’ve hardly got the engineering thing down, but here I am, talking about mixing like somebody who knows what he’s doing.

(Pssst….here’s a secret: nobody knows what they’re doing).

However, I can share how I’m producing this cool indie-folk EP right now. Instead of watching carefully over the entire project and making sure some arbitrary “rules of production” were followed, I just recorded the foundation of drums, bass, acoustic guitar, and vocals and then went left the musician on his own while I went on vacation!

And did the client get pissed off because I went to Bonnaroo to record bands in the middle of our sessions?

Hell no, he loved it!

Here’s our conversation via text:

Do you notice what happened here? I empowered the musician to get creative on his own without me even needing to be in the room. Sure, we’ll have to spend some time sifting through his overdubs to make sure everything sounds good, and it might mean some extra editing time on my end, but I think the project will come out more creative in the end.

So, that’s what I think a producer does.

A producer helps the musician(s) make their most musically creative work at that moment of their lives.

However, to become a professional producer, you’re going to need clients like my indie-folk artist.

That’s where the Studio Success Starter Pack comes in.

It’s designed to:

  • Help you find more clients.
  • Make sure you stand out from the crowd in a way that allows you to charge a fair price for your services.
  • Put the pieces into place to set you up for success in the long run.

If you truly enjoy making music for yourself, how would you feel if you could make a career out of doing it for others?

If you don’t have a clue on where to start running your home studio as a business (don’t worry, most people don’t), then the Studio Success Starter Pack is the way to go.

If you think you really got what it takes to become a pro producer (and I believe in you!), then take the deep dive into making a career out of your music today.

Check out what you’ll learn from the Studio Success Starter Pack right here.

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