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You’re here because you want to make money from your home studio on the side.

I already told you what to think about when charging for your time, and I even gave you a handy calculator to make it easy to calculate how much you should charge for your sessions.

Although knowing how much you should charge for your sessions is important, it only scratches the surface of how to set up your home studio as a business.

That’s why I’m proud to recommend the Home Studio Business program from Joe Gilder over at Home Studio Corner.

His course will show you the step by step process to set up your home studio as a business that can make you $500 – $1,000 on the side.

I already have a degree in Business Economics and another degree in Entrepreneurship from one of the highest ranked programs in the U.S but I still believe his course is extremely useful. In fact, Joe was the first guy to encourage me to believe having a career in audio production was possible.

Even with 4 years of business school behind me, in addition to my audio engineering diploma and experience as a self-employed business owner in the industry, I still learn a ton from Joe all the time.

That’s why it’s so easy to put my recommendation behind the program.

Now, you might be thinking, I can’t run a business because I don’t have a pro studio?

But you don’t need a pro studio to run a successful side business.

My studio is just a converted garage.

Many of the engineers making a living every day from their home studios don’t even have clients come into their studio because they do most of their work online or work on-location.

If you think it’s too hard to start a business, I would actually say that it’s harder to hack it as an employee.

When you run your own business you’re in complete control of your hours, your rate, and most importantly, your freedom!

Starting out from scratch might be hard, but if you’re making music in your home studio you’ve done most of the work already.

Or maybe you’re worried that you’re not good enough?

Trust me, I’ve been there. I used to be terrified about releasing my mixes and showing my work to the world. Even in the early years of Audio Issues I was still worried that people might hate on my mixes.

I mean, who was I to tell people how to mix if my mixes weren’t good enough right?

Well, turns out that this happens to everybody. It’s called imposter syndrome and every high-performing individual suffers from it.

I got over it when I started getting praise from my mixes from the bands I was working with. Imposter syndrome goes away real quick when people start complimenting your work. But you won’t get to that point unless you put yourself out there and start working as a professional.

If you’ve already tried starting your own studio business on the side and have problems finding clients, then I also understand your hesitation. However, Joe’s course gives you plenty of strategic methods to try out so you’ll have an easier chance of landing more bands to work with.

I personally only work with a few clients per month and that’s enough for me. I juggle so many other projects that the systems I’ve put in place to land new music clients all the time works in the background and keeps my plate full of new and exciting projects.

You might also juggle a lot of different projects that keep you busy, but are all those projects as exciting as working on music? Or are they just boring jobs to pay the bills?

Or maybe you think business and marketing is just boring in general?

Yeah, I can totally relate to that.

I’ve worked with some boring-ass companies that sell products that are so boring they make me want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon.

But being in the music industry and working on records that make you want to jump, dance, headbang or pump your fist in the air?

That’s not boring. That’s passion.

How do you not want to work in something you’re passionate about?

That’s where the Home Studio Business course will take you, and to make it even more valuable, I’m going to give you some extra bonuses for anybody who buys through the links in this email.

Bonus #1 – Musicpreneurship 101 ($59)

  • Learn how to create an effective web presence to market your music or services to your fans and potential clients
  • Using my simple step by step process you will confidently build your own website even if you don’t know anything about web development
  • The only two things you should pay for when setting up your online presence
  • How to find and install a pre-designed website that only requires a few tweaks to get ready, saving you time to focus on your music and avoiding the headaches of needing it professionally designed
  • The only four pages your website needs (and exactly what to put on them)
  • The most important plug-ins for your website to capture more fans and increase your traffic
  • The simplest way to add your streaming music, gig calendar and email list to your homepage, without needing any technical knowledge
  • How to use social media to reinforce your online marketing efforts and gain new fans
  • Which social media sites to use if you’re looking to get more exposure for your music
  • The pros and cons of the most popular social media sites online and tips on how to use them effectively
  • The importance of efficiency to save both time and effort when you’re marketing your music
  • How to create your big picture strategy for both your social media AND website marketing

Bonus #2 – Email Marketing for Musicpreneurs ($49)

  • How to get more subscribers on your email list. The more people you have subscribed, the more potential income you will make.
  • How to give your fans exactly what they want with your recordings or music service.
  • A step by step blueprint on how to contact your fans effectively through email to sell your music, services or products.

Bonus #3 – Online Presence for Home Studios ($49)

If you’re just starting out your home studio these tools will help you get up and running quickly and if you’re already working in the industry these tools are designed to help you streamline your process and make you work more efficiently.

  • How to structure your home page to showcase your production work, mixes or recordings to get more work
  • How to use the fundamentals of marketing whether you’re marketing your music as a musician or your sound as an engineer.
  • What you should include on the all important Services Page to get more paying clients
  • How to use social media to reach out and sell your services to interested bands
  • Checklists on the necessary software needed to accept payment, handle files or manage client relationships

Bonus #4 – 70 Ways to Monetize Your Music Career ($39)

A diversified income stream is key to making a comfortable income from your music career.

My presentation will show you 70 ways to add additional revenue streams to your portfolio, including:

  • 17 ways of making money playing live.
  • 11 ways to make money online.
  • Advice on creating passive income (like my friend who’s grossed over $60,000 making music in his spare time).

Bonus #5 – Get More Gigs – The Essential Guide to Making Money from Gigs as an Indie Musician ($2.99)

  • How To Book Gigs: If you’ve ever struggled to get onstage, Get More Gigs gives you a systematic approach to researching and reaching out to venues and getting them to notice you without needing to use a booking agent.
  • How to Perform For More Fans: Learn to engage with your audience to create relationships with new fans and making the venue want you to come back.
  • Make More Money From Gigs: Create diverse income streams and learn to make as much money as possible from every gig by getting paid by the venue, its patrons and your fans.

Now, if you would buy all these bonuses, they would add up to quite a significant amount:

  • Musicpreneurship 101 – $59
  • Email Marketing for Musicpreneurs – $49
  • Online Marketing for Home Studios and Music Professionals Masterclass – $49
  • 70 Ways to Monetize Your Music Career – $39
  • Get More Gigs eBook – $2.99
  • Total: $198.99

However, because I stand behind Joe’s program 100% I’m giving everyone who signs up through my link free access to all of these bonuses.

Total: $198.99 FREE!

If all the Home Studio Business course did for you was help you create an extra $500 – $1,00 per month on the side (that’s $6,000 extra per year), would that be worth it to you?

And if all it did was give you the freedom to work with music you were passionate about and help you create a reputation as a professional engineer in your community, would the time commitment of a few hours/week for six weeks be worth it to you?

And what if all it did was help you create a system that makes it easier for you to find new clients to work with, would that be worthwhile to you?

If that’s the case, it seems like you have two choices:

  1. Do nothing and stay where you are. Keep your current job and don’t do anything to improve your career.
  2. Take action and follow a step by step system that will make you more money, give you more freedom and help you follow your passion.

I think the choice is clear.

Go here next to start your next chapter as a professional engineer.


I won’t be offering these bonuses for long so make sure you grab this offer now before I take them away. Once you’ve joined the Home Studio Business course, simply send me your receipt and I’ll send you access to all my free goodies.

Here’s the link again.



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