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What’s Your Unique Value Proposition?

Have you ever thought about what makes you stand out as an engineer?

Why would anybody hire you instead of any of the thousands of engineers rolling off the conveyor belt of audio school this year?

When I used to Shark Tank pitch my old audio startup to investors I would always have to know the exact numbers of the market for my financials. And I believe that the combined audio schools of the world graduated about 16,500 audio students every year.

That’s a lot of competition.

So, I ask you again, how are you going to be different?

What is your unique value proposition? The emphasis is on unique for a reason. It’s the thing you need to be exceptionally good at. You don’t have to know how to record, mix, master, post-produce, on-location record, do live sound, edit audio for film and mix film scores in surround to be successful.

You just have to do a couple things really well.

That’s what your unique value proposition is. It’s the thing you dive deep into and do better than anybody else.

My unique value proposition is not being a great recording engineer, ironically enough.

My unique value proposition is that I can simplify complex audio jargon into simple production tips you can use right away so that you can be a great recording engineer.

There are plenty (16,500 every year and counting) engineers who might be better than me, but none of them do what I do.

That’s my unique value proposition and it’s the thing that puts food on my table and lets me enjoy my life as an audio industry professional.

It’s important to understand your competitors of course. But, having a unique value proposition means that you don’t have to worry about them as much. You’re not competing if what you do is unique.

Being in a category of one is a great place to be. You’re not a small fish in a big pond. You’re not even a big fish in a small pond. You’re the owner of the ocean with a monopoly on swimming.

If you want to find your unique value proposition so you can set yourself apart from the competitors and work with clients you love, then I recommend starting with Brian Hood’s Six Figure Home Studio Workshop.

Use the techniques he teaches you inside the workshop to create a solid plan to take your home studio from a hobby to a profitable business.

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