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Should you work for free? Maybe, here’s why

If you’ve read the Pros and Cons of Working for Free as an Audio Engineer, you already know what you’re juggling:

When the benefits of free work include:

  • It’s easier to get a portfolio started
  • You’ll gain experience faster.
  • You eliminate some of the barriers to entry into the music community because you’re not bringing up money all the time.

However, the disadvantage of not making any money can get you run out of the industry and into a boring cubicle job faster than you can say “we’ll fix it in the mix!”

The absolute key to making it in the oversaturated music industry is knowing how to run your home studio as a profitable business.

Those are the two keywords to understand:

  1. Profitable
  2. Business

Become a Profitable Producer

So make sure you have a plan moving forward if you’re starting out so that you avoid bankrupting yourself. If you’re still figuring out what your plan is, let me introduce you to somebody who can help.

My friend Brian Hood (pictured right) runs the successful recording blog The Fix Figure Home Studio.

The title says it all, and he’s very transparent about sharing his income to justify using that name!

Check out his studio income and how he’s grown throughout the years!

Luckily for you, he loves sharing what he knows. So, he’s put together a complete course on becoming a profitable producer.

If you’re tired of competing in the saturated recording industry where it seems like we’re all fighting for scraps, you’ll like the system he’s put together for you.

If you want to quit your boring-ass day job so you can focus on building up a list of clients that work with you in your home studio, but you don’t know where to start, the Profitable Producer Course is designed for you.

And best of all, Brian has given me an $800 discount code to give to you. Yes, that wasn’t a typo.
Eight. Zero. Zero. Dollars. American.

Just use the code ‘audioissues’ when you check out and we’ll wipe $800 off the course price, making it more affordable than ever to create full-time financial stability with your home studio.

If that sounds interesting to you, what you should do next is head on over here and start finding more leads to turn into profitable clients and a fun business for your studio.

Get Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet With 71 Tips For Better Home Studio Mixes You Can Use Right Away

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