Transform Your Rough Recordings Into Released Records, Even If You Only Have a Home Studio

Best Prime Day Deals for Musicians and Content Creators

Here are my favorite Prime Day deals for musicians.

Although Prime Day is yet another holiday of capitalism where nobody gets time off work, you get to use your money to pray to the god of consumerism.

But hey, I’m only being half-sarcastic because who doesn’t like deals?

So if you’ve been eyeing new equipment for your home studio, there are a lot of discounts on music recording equipment on Amazon right now that you should take advantage of.

I will say that browsing the Prime Day deals they are light on recognizable music brands. There’s a lot of unknown brands knocking off well-known products, like a brand I’ve never heard of making an exact replica of the Focusrite Scarlett,

That stuff just pisses me off and makes me run the extra mile to find an actual Focusrite Scarlett to recommend for any beginner home studio musician.

However, after going through the listings, I found e a few hidden gems that I want to highlight.

Prime Day Deals for Your Home Studio

recording studio desk If your home studio isn’t sounding great, then acoustic treatment is probably your best bet for improving the quality of your recordings.

You can get these bass traps, and these absorbers at an affordable price to help you remove the low-end and tame the reflections in your room.

If you don’t have a dedicated workstation for your computer, monitors, audio interface, and midi controller, then this desk might be the perfect fit for the bedroom producer.

And if you’re recording vocals, this reflection shield and a pop filter will be a valuable addition to your studio.

Discounts for Gigging Live Musicians

gigging musician gearIf you are a gigging musician and you play a lot of covers, you might need something that holds your stuff while you’re playing.

And if you need somewhere to put your “digital fake book”, then this handy holder that you can rig up to your mic stand will save you a lot of flubbed lyrics.

Great Gear for Content Creators

However, if you’re focusing on content creation, making TikToks, YouTube videos, or Reels, then you’ll want better audio than what’s built into your phone. This iPhone lavalier pack gives you two lav mics to create social media videos with high-quality audio. This lav pack has a few more connections so it might be a better bet if you don’t use iPhone.

I use mics like these for some of my content, and it’s good to know you can get quiet, high-quality audio from your phone videos.

blue yeti for content creatorsIf your content creation of choice involves creating podcasts, however, the Blue Yeti is a nice choice for the beginning podcaster because you can just plug it in via USB and get started right away.

I wouldn’t use it for any high-end audio recording, and there are more “socially acceptable” podcast mics out there, like the RE20 or SM7B that will spare you the wrath of the audio trolls. But if you want something simple and easy to start making content, the Blue Yeti is FINE!

Do Your Own Prime Day Research

Please note that there are more Prime Day Deals for musicians on Amazon right now, but I used the Prime Big Day filter to find the best bang for your buck, so I may have overlooked some gear that you may want.

Please use the affiliate links above as a guide to start, and then do your own research inside the musical instrument category to find the best deal that works for your situation.

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Transform Your Rough Recordings Into Released Records, Even If You Only Have a Home Studio

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