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Get the Right Equipment You Need for Your Home Studio

Whether you’re a dorm room producer making hard-hitting beats or a folky singer/songwriter looking to record the next acoustic folk hit, your recording equipment needs may wary. Before you even start imagining those awesome recordings you’re going to accomplish, you’ll need the gear to record them.

Having the right gear to make the music you want to make is important, but there are a million different ways to make a record. Gear-shaming is a waste of time for everyone and I don’t have any patience for the gearsluts out there that make their peers feel like shit just because they like a microphone they think is beneath them.

Gear is necessary, and what works for you when you’re producing a hard rock track might not work for somebody who’s recording an EDM hit so I hope my buying guides and gear recommendations below will help you find the right equipment to make more music.

We won’t be salivating over high-end mics or recording studio desks, but rather, we will focus on the bare bones of what you need. If you can get a great sound out of cheap equipment, getting an amazing sound out of your upgraded equipment in the future will be much easier. Below you’ll find the recording equipment, microphones and connections needed to make great recordings.

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