Free Guide To Help You Create Radio-Ready Mixes, Without Buying New Plug-ins or Gear
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6 Ways to Achieve Success in the Music Business

If COVID accomplished anything, it was giving me the time to finish my new book.

That…or the deadline of my first-born child this coming January may have had something to do with it…

At any rate, since you’re on this list you presumably like what I have to say, and my latest book is my most useful book so far.

You Get What You Give: A Simple Story for Finding Success in the Music Business comes out in a few weeks and if you’d like to be the first one to get your copy, please sign up to the pre-order list here.

When you sign up, you also get my Success Strategies for free:

  • The Success Check-in Checklist to give you the clarity you need to reach your musical goals
  • The Habit Strategy for creating the necessary habits to make success easy
  • The Problem-Solving Cheat Sheet for positioning yourself and your services in the music industry
  • The Product Brainstorm Blueprint to help you diversify your income as a music professional
  • The Customer Canvas for finding new clients and customers for your music business

If you’ve ever wanted to turn your music hobby into a serious profession, You Get What You Give will show you the path to getting there.

Early reviews are saying,

“This is a must-read for any engineer who wants to save years of struggle. But Bjorgvin tells a readable, relatable story with lessons that will help you no matter your aspirations. You could apply his advice to turn any deep-rooted interest into a true, ultimately profitable passion project. Ultimately, this becomes a book about succeeding at life.” –Tom Knauer

“Bjorgvin turns the process of starting a business into an engaging story. For those of us who think about creating our own products or business, it’s a great way to absorb advice through imagining yourself walking through the process. This is a great way to bridge the gap between advice that can feel simple, and the difficulty of thinking through how it applies in real life, as you’re trying to accomplish your goals. It doesn’t hurt that Bjorgvin’s writing is fun and polished, making it a pleasure to read.” -Alex Danvers

Click here for the Success Strategies and be the first to know when the book comes out here.




Free Guide To Help You Create Radio-Ready Mixes, Without Buying New Plug-ins or Gear
What email should we send your cheatsheet to?

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