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How to Overcome Overwhelm, Imposter Syndrome and Crippling Anxiety

If you haven’t joined us for an episode of Influences and References, then you’re missing out.

Here’s what a recent viewer emailed us:

“Wow!  Every topic hit home and shoved me back into my creative zone.  Been feeling overwhelmed with learning the technology while letting the artsy side slide away into the gloom. Many thanks to you and Ed for this great discussion.”

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This is the fourth and final episode of our 4-part miniseries, but if you want more, please let us know by leaving a comment during the show or sending me an email.

Today we’ll be talking about the dark side of music production and how to overcome Procrastination, Imposter Syndrome, and Crippling Anxiety.

These are some of the villains I told you about in Monday’s post about Insiders opening back up next week, and they are emotions that everybody deals with in one way or another.

Join me and Ed (one of the O.G. Insiders) today and we’ll give you some tips on how to overcome your obstacles so you can succeed with your productions.

Seeya there!

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