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“I’m improving so fast that my own mixes are blowing me away”

Yesterday I told you about Nic from the U.K and how he’s released 13 songs in 12 months since becoming an Insider.

Today I wanted to tell you about Neil from Australia who is working on releasing his first album.

He became a Mix Finisher Formula student and an Insider last fall and since then he’s been actively working on his music inside the community.

His music sounds like a mix of Bon Iver if there had been more electric guitars on “For Emma, Forever Ago” combined with the vocal sound of the singer from Dawes.

Here’s what he shared with me recently about his progress:

“I appreciate your help in the last 6 months. I’m improving so fast that my own mixes are blowing me away and I have to say I owe it mostly to audio issues. the mix finishing formula really took me places. I now know how to properly use compression, create space in the music and organise my work flow among many other things. As an Insider, sharing mixes and getting feedback from a bunch of generous, talented people has been invaluable. You are a true teacher, dedicated to and focused on addressing the needs of individual members. You’re likeable, fun to work with and I really believe your heart is in the right place. Thanks again.”

When I talk about “making an impact” in my book, You Get What You Give, this is what I’m talking about.

Helping someone improve their skills so that they’re confident in their abilities enough to finally hit that publish button instead of leaving their songs in hard-drive limbo is what “impact” and “success” means to me.

It’s been amazing to see his music evolve and his mixes get better and I can’t wait to share his album with you all.

In fact, I took a break from writing this just to listen to his latest track “Run Like a Doe” because it’s that good. The fact that I had a hand in helping him create it actually makes me kind of emotional.

Seriously, every Feedback Friday he gets applause from the attendees for every song he brings in because they’re that good.

That’s also one of the sneaky benefits you get as an Insider. You get to hear these amazing songs from songwriters and producers come together.

We’re celebrating two of those Insiders tomorrow for our live-stream of their album “Hush.”

Simon and Ed met on Feedback Friday and through the power of the internet and high-res audio collaboration tools, they made a really incredible album that I’m excited to share with you.

The details for the party tomorrow can be found here, but if you want to join us all in the Insiders community, and get countless hours of high-quality music production training from the Audio Issues Academy, you can get started for only $1 right here.

Hope to see you on the inside!


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