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The High Cost of Igloo Maintenance

Contrary to what people might think, we don’t all live in igloos in Iceland.

It’s only the really rich bankers we didn’t jail who can afford the maintenance costs.

The rest of us in the middle class had to make do with our turf houses from the Viking era.

Igloos are annoying honestly. They’re really frustrating to take care of.

The standard Igloo is a two-story mansion and they only sell them in the winter time.

The sleazy igloo salesmen fail to disclose that they melt down to one story in the summertime.

There was a class-action lawsuit in the eighties but all it really did was let the middle-class public know that they couldn’t afford them.

The upside was that some bricklayers and masons created an entire new industry of Igloo-maintenance.

“Barry, Larry and Gerry, the Iglooscapers” were the best ones. I’d sing you the jingle but you wouldn’t know it.

With climate change increasing, this just became a way of life.

If you wanted a two-story igloo with a fancy TV room and a master bedroom on the second floor, you simply had to deal with the fact that you had to sleep in the guest bedroom and play outside during the summer.

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