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8 Expert EQ Guides You Can Read For Free Right Now

We will be talking about EQ a lot this week, and to kick it off I wanted to send you some of my best resources that I’ve written throughout the years on EQ.

Disclaimer: Please note that many of these articles mention EQ Strategies – Your Ultimate Guide to EQ, and I want to make one thing abundantly clear:

DO NOT buy it today!

Yeah, that’s right. This week is Thanksgiving week and to celebrate we might have some deals going on later this week.

So in the meantime, enjoy all the free EQ content below and stay tuned for a Wacky Wednesday announcement in a couple days!

  1. How To EQ Drums – A Simple and Effective Guide to Drum EQ
  2. How To Separate The Kick Drum and Bass Guitar In Your Mix
  3. How to EQ Bass Using These Little Known Harmonic Secrets
  4. How to EQ Distorted Guitars Out of the Way of the Vocal
  5. 6 Frequency Problems You’ll Need to Know How to Fix
  6. 6 Vocal EQ Areas You Need-To-Know About
  7. How To Easily EQ ALL Your Tracks Together for a Clean and Powerful Mix
  8. How To Use Mastering EQ for More Professional Sounding Songs

What About Compression?

EQ and compression go hand in hand, and tomorrow I’m going to show you a quick process to help you decide whether you should compress before, or after, compression.

Look for it tomorrow!

Get Your FREE EQ Cheatsheet With 71 Tips For Better Home Studio Mixes You Can Use Right Away

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