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How to Record Vocals in Your Home Studio, Even If You Don’t Have Fancy Equipment [VIDEO]

If you’re exhausted with recording vocals that sound thin and harsh, you’re going to like today’s free lesson on how to record vocals more effectively from your home studio.

I already talked about how you can coach your vocalist to give you a better performance in my article, How To Get a Great Vocal Performance, Even With an Insecure Singer.

Today, I’m going to share a video from the upcoming Expert Home Vocals course that teaches you the few things to keep in mind to get a clear and present vocal recording.

These are the same techniques I use, whether I’m recording from home or at a studio. In addition, you’ll hear audio examples from both male and female vocalists in genres ranging from punk to jazzy folk to show you the results of following the techniques I demonstrate in the video.

In this video you’ll also learn:

  • How to prepare your vocalist for a great recording session
  • How to make sure your vocalist is comfortable during the session
  • How to position the microphone in front of the vocalist
  • How to communicate effectively with the singer
  • How to find a good starting point for your vocal mic
  • Microphone placement ideas to get the best sound out of your vocalist
  • How to use acoustic treatment to get a better source sound
  • How to understand and reduce the acoustic reflections in your room from going into your vocal mic
  • How to use a pop filter to reduce the plosives while using it as a target for your singer
  • How to use the proximity effect to your advantage

Btw, I chose this video thumbnail on purpose. Enjoy!

Recording Vocals in Your Home Recording Studio, Even If You Don’t Have Fancy Equipment

My beta students have been going through Expert Home Vocals already and they’re loving the course so far. I’ll be sharing a few of their stories this week, but first, I wanted to ask you a quick favor if you’re able to help me out.

Before you leave today, I was hoping you could answer me this one question:

What are the top two things you absolutely need answered inside the Expert Home Vocals training?

I read every comment and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Talk soon,



If you would like to take the leap to transform your thin and harsh vocals into professional and present vocal productions you can proudly play to your friends and fans, you’re going to love tomorrow’s announcement.

Expert Home Vocals will arrive in your inbox tomorrow morning at 9 am MST (convert to your time zone here) so make sure you keep an eye out.

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