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5 Invaluable Resources for Improving Your Music Career

If you’re looking for resources to improve your music career, you’ll get a lot out of this post.

This week we’re celebrating those who want to invest in improving their songwriting skills with Seth Mosley’s Song Chasers course, the masterclass that teaches you how to write hit songs and break into the industry.

This is the last day that you can get Song Chasers for $500 off, as well as a free year of the Audio Issues Insiders membership that’s valued at over $1,000.

If you’d like to get started learning how to write hit songs, click here to enroll in the course. Then simply email me your receipt and I’ll hook you up with the free Insiders membership that helps you finish your mixes and release your records.

If you’re not ready for that yet, I still have some great resources for you today.

3 Apps that Help You Be a Better Musician

Seth and I talked a lot about our organizational techniques to keep track of all our creativity. He uses Trello for song titles and lyric ideas, and my assistant and I use Trello for organizing the chaos that is Audio Issues.

Caleb Murphy is a frequent contributor to the blog and he has his own list of 3 apps that have helped him improve his music skills.

The Importance of Music Theory to Help You Write Songs

Having a fundamental understanding of music theory is incredibly useful if you want to become a prolific songwriter. If you have to decide between going for quantity or quality, I’d recommend quality every time.

Going for perfection (quality), leads to paralysis. Going for quantity leads to experience.

And working within the box to create hit songs is so much easier when you understand what the box is made of.

How to Approach Co-Writing a Song

Maybe you’re a great lyricist but suck at coming up with melodies. Maybe you’re the opposite. Or maybe you’re really good at putting a production together but can’t write a song to save your life.

When that’s the case, it’s helpful to have a collaborator that complements you.

In this post, we talk about how to approach co-writing a song.

The Basic Stages of Producing a Song

Once a song is finished it’s time to start the production process. Whether you’re going for a full-blown production or a sparse soundscape, it requires a different mindset to get the best production together.

Create a Release Plan for Your Single

Once you’ve finally written, recorded, produced and finished your song, it’s time to release it.

Many musicians worry about this step because they don’t know where to start.

Luckily, we’ve put together a release plan for you that you can swipe for your next single.

Write a Hit Song This Weekend?

There are less than 14 hours left before the Song Chasers discount goes away so if you’re ready to take your songwriting to the next level, there’s no better place to start with a two-time Grammy award-winning songwriter like Seth Mosley.

Hi course is IN-DEPTH! with over 11 different modules covering everything you need to know about writing more songs.

And once you’ve finished your song, you’ll also get access to my Insiders membership group that helps you finish your recordings and mixes so you can feel proud to release your records.

Check out all of the details about the course, the 50% discount, and the free bonuses you get if you join today right here.

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