Enhance Your Ears for Superpowered EQ Skills


Knowing where to go when you need to EQ is a great skill to have. It’s much faster to instinctively cut that pesky frequency out of your kick drum than having to go through each part of the spectrum until you accidentally happen upon the right one.

Enter Quiztones

Quiztones is a great little application created by my good friend Dan Comerchero of The Pro Audio Files. His program is a great frequency identification trainer for anybody wanting to enhance their EQ skills.

I’ve done similar exercises using the Golden Ears program but nothing beats a free frequency trainer like his. Browse through the tabs and try your ears at the different frequency tests using sine waves or noise, vocals, drums and guitars.

Quiztones will be available as an app for any of your igadgets, iPhone, iPad etc soon, so stay posted at Quiztones.net.

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