20 Steps to Becoming a Better Audio Engineer


Inspired by Copyblogger’s post 10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer I thought I’d make my own step guide to becoming a better audio engineer.

  1. Learn about the gear you need.
  2. Know how to use microphones.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings.
  4. Avoid digital recording mistakes.
  5. Learn to understand the frequency spectrum.
  6. Learn to record vocals.
  7. Know how to get a great guitar sound.
  8. Create a massive acoustic guitar sound.
  9. Get a great drum sound.
  10. Learn how to find the ‘sweet spot’
  11. Know when to edit.
  12. Learn how to plan a mix.
  13. Learn to use compression.
  14. Learn how to use reverb.
  15. Know how to mix drums.
  16. Learn how to mix a bad-ass bass guitar.
  17. Learn to process vocals for an amazing sound.
  18. Protect your ears. They are your most valuable asset.
  19. Always strive to improve your mixes.
  20. Learn to use the multiband compressor in mastering.
  21. Learn how to EQ like the pro’s

What steps am I forgetting?


Image by: dearsomeone

  • ntnsystems

    Know your band. All the technical and theoretical knowledge is important, but ultimately you are mixing to capture the essence of a great band. Are they an edgy “live” band? Are they subtle and laid back? Polished? Does one or more instruments tend to lead more than others? Are they rhythm heavy, melodic, or harmonius? You get the point… good mixing largely depends on your client.

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  • nice article. surely this will help to know more about sound engineer and will able become a better audio engineer. thanks to sharing this aritlce